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Asia Stevens

Preschool Threes Teacher

I am a Chicago native who moved to Indiana for school and now resides in Louisville. I completed my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education at Indiana University Bloomington in 2020. Before transferring, I attended Ivy Tech Community College, receiving my Associate's Degree in Education. 
After deciding to begin my teaching career and researching different schools, I knew Chance School was the perfect fit for me. Discovering different types of education, progressive education specifically, was one of the best decisions I ever made. I believe the focus or mission behind progressive education helps students become better people in their homes, our school, and our community. From inquiry-based to social/emotional learning, I enjoy supporting students' development as they begin grasping a sense of everything and the world we live in.
Even as the teacher, continuous learning happens every day in a classroom. Here at Chance, we not only have the option to learn from our supervisors but from our co-teachers, our students, and the strong community of top-level educators at Chance School. I am committed to understanding each student as a whole person and providing them with ways to learn how they feel best.
When I'm not being an awesome teacher, I love shopping, eating, visiting family and friends back home, or just relaxing at home.