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Enrichment Sign Ups

Fall Now Open for Enrollment!

Welcome to our first session of enrichments! Since we are doing our best to keep our students in cohorts throughout the school day, our enrichments will be offered virtually for the fall this year. We are doing this so that students from different classes and age groups can enjoy the same enrichments. We do plan to expand our enrichments offerings as the school year continues however, we are only able to offer limited enrichment opportunities at this time.
Please choose only ONE enrichment to start per child.
We will send out a notification after the signup has been available for one week. When this goes out you may choose to sign up for another enrichment at that time. After you signup, you will receive a google classroom invitation for the enrichment you have chosen.
Our first session of enrichments will begin the week of October 5th and end the week of November 20th. Sessions will run from 4:15pm-5:00pm. Groups will consist of no more than 10 students with a minimum of 5 students for the program to run.
All virtual enrichment programs are $100 unless stated otherwise. You will be sent a bill for your total after you register. If you have any questions please contact Zach Taylor, Director of Extended Programs at
Session I Enrichments Fall 2020

Green Team for 4th & 5th grade: Rachel Beck (6)
The Green Team is a collaborative group of 4th and 5th-grade students who lead and facilitate environmentally sustainable practices and model stewardship for our school and our environment. Members of the Green Team are “catalysts in the classrooms” and advisers to faculty, staff, parents, and partners and are facilitated by the Director of our Environmental Programs, Rachel Beck. Due to COVID-19, this year’s virtual Green Team will be exploring and investigating sustainability and stewardship within our homes! One way we may do this is through creating our own compost systems, home recycling plans, home critter habitats, etc. The team will also be invited to take what they have learned from their explorations and create a home guide curriculum and kit for families and teachers wishing to embark on environmental education. Opportunities like virtual meetings with partners and onsite outdoor explorations within a cohort will be planned and communicated after enrichments have started. While we will base our project out of our homes, the team will have deciding power on their chosen project and how to carry out research and development.
Artistic Explorers for Kindergarten - 2nd grade: Rozie Simendinger (10)
Throughout the fall, during our time together, students will have the opportunity to create process art using various mediums such as clay, watercolors, acrylics, and natural materials. We will collaborate, share ideas, and discuss famous works of art and techniques while creating our own masterpieces!
Yoga for Kindergarten - 2nd grade: Angie Florence (10)
This yoga experience will help children develop strong, limber, and healthy bodies and set a lifelong foundation for well-being, increase focus, concentration and attention span, have strong, well-coordinated bodies, foster creative expression and imagination, cultivate self-esteem, setting patterns of success and achievement, nurture strategies for coping with life's stressors more effectively.
Yoga for 3rd - 5th Grade: Angie Florence (10)
Children will gain strength, concentration, focus, balance, body awareness, self-esteem, and more while having a great time! Yogakids is a nationally-known yoga program that teaches anatomy, math, ecology, and earth elements through yoga postures, games and meditation.
Preschool Enrichments typically start in January. We will let you know through E-News when sign-ups are available.