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Enrichment Sign Up

Fall Now Open for Enrollment!

Welcome to our enrichment signups! We are excited to offer a variety of options for you to choose from for Pre-K through 5th grade students.

Programming will begin the week of October 25 (NEXT WEEK!) and end the week of December 13th. Groups will consist of no more than 12 students with a minimum of 6 students for the program to run. If we do not get the minimum you will be refunded to your form of payment.

While our enrichment programs are designed to be engaging and fun on campus, we are not responsible for your child's supervision before (late start enrichment) or after the enrichment. If you need CHUMs care before or after your child's enrichment, you can sign up here- Chums Sign Up.
All enrichment programs are $185 unless stated otherwise. You will be prompted to pay by card during the registration process in order to acquire the spot. If you have any questions, please contact Tiffany Camp, Director of Extended Programs, at
Enrichments Fall 2021
Outdoor Adventures: Eric Stevens- Tuesday, Primary 2/3grade, 10 Openings
“Take an afternoon each week to discover the unique outdoor environment at Virginia Chance! From hiking, plant identification, and animal tracking to camp crafts, songs, and games, Outdoor Adventures is your chance to explore and connect with Mother Nature at her best.”
Cooking with Ms. Courtney: Courtney Dickerson-Tuesday, Pre-K 4s, 10 Openings, 3:30p-4:30p 
 “This cooking class is meant to inspire culinary creativity and a love for cooking.  Friends who join the class will become familiar with cooking utensils, ingredients, and how to follow a recipe.  They will have the opportunity to measure out ingredients, combine ingredients, and watch food transform before their eyes.  That is not all! Who doesn’t love cooking and baking new or sometimes even those old traditional holiday recipes? Well, in this kitchen we will do a little bit of everything.  From snacks, breakfast, and even festive goodies, the recipes are endless!  Alright, I must go; I’m hungry now!
Book Club: Amanda Langdon-  Monday, 4th & 5th, 10 Openings, 3:15p-4:15p
When you think of a Book Club, don’t just think about reading but also think about exploring.  You’d be surprised by all the wonderful, unique, and even exciting things we find and learn when we read to explore. There is such a wide-range world of books to explore, and we will do just that! There is such a wide-range world of books to explore, and we will do just that! We will dive into fun learning techniques, writing our own funny stories, and even challenging ourselves with unfamiliar words.
Piano Lessons: Susan Schooler- Monday, 2nd-5th 3:30p-6:00p, $625 Nov.1-May23
Are you ready to groove to some tunes?  Well, this is where you can get groovy!  Starting Monday, November 1, 2021, we will be offering a chance to learn, develop, and create sounds with a Piano.  Lessons will involve a basic understanding of a piano such as; keys, sounds, black keys versus white keys, tuning, etc.  Each class will be filled with impactful ways of growing in scales, notes, and eventually even familiar songs.  This is a great enrichment to develop skills and talents that may seem hidden! (summer lesson registration will go out in spring- making this a year-round option!)
Urban Agriculture: Patrice Thompson & Rachel Beck Friday from 3:00PM-4:30PM 
Open to Primary Grades 2/3. Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension presents the Junior Master Gardener after-school program. The Junior Master Gardener (JMG) Program offers a curriculum that covers a broad range of horticultural and environmental education topics. Science process skills, observation, taking measurements, and problem-solving are naturally integrated into the curriculum through both group and individual learning experiences. All JMG curriculum is correlated to academic standards for science, math, language arts, and social studies. We are excited to grow with you!

Russian Language Lessons: Irina Alazzawi, Tuesdays from 3:00PM-4:30PM - Open to Kindergarten/First Grade.  We would like to introduce to you, one of Chance’s very own fluent Russian speakers, Mrs. Irina Alazzawi our Accountant and Business Office Coordinator. What a great way to open up the world of Slavic Languages to our students. Specially designed for young students with hands-on activities, visual images, and audio material our classes will spark curiosity, and build the confidence to explore. Not only will your children learn a new language, but they will also have fun!

Fun Facts: If going to space is one of your dreams, you'll have to learn Russian first. All current astronauts and cosmonauts that are trained to work on International Space Station must learn English and Russian (regardless of what ship they launch on): both languages are working languages on ISS (It is part of the treaty about ISS creation). (For astronauts of private ventures, it is not necessary.) One of NASA's requirements is that astronauts need to learn the basics of the Russian language!

All-Age Preschool Enrichments typically start in January. We will let you know through E-News when sign-ups are available.