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Capstone Projects

As a culmination of elementary school, every Virginia Chance School 5th grade student undertakes a research project in an area of personal interest or passion. This Capstone Project is a way to demonstrate the reading, research, presenting, technology and writing skills he or she has developed over the last six years. Projects can focus on solving a problem, promoting a design idea, offering a teaching point or taking a position. In the final stages of the capstone project, students present the project to an authentic audience.


5th Grade Capstone Project to Help Paws With Purpose

My name is Eloise, and I’m in 5th grade in Intermediate.  At Chance, every 5th grader gets to do a Capstone project with a teacher mentor on whatever they would like to learn about.  I’m learning about service dogs because I love animals and the idea of dogs helping people.  For my project, I'm fundraising for a local organization called Paws with Purpose. They breed and train service dogs. Did you know that it costs $20,000 to train just one dog? 

I will be selling homemade dog treats and sugar cookies to raise money for Paws with Purpose.  A bag of treats for your dog or for yourself costs $3.  If you would like to support Paws with Purpose, please send your child to school with money.  I will be selling treats in classrooms on Wednesday, March 20th.  Thank you for supporting Paws with Purpose!



5th Grade Capstone Project to Help Blessings in a Backpack
Hello, my name is Cameron and I’m a 5th grader here at Chance. For my Capstone Project, I want to help children who are food insecure. I have chosen to raise money for Blessings in a Backpack. Blessings in a Backpack provides food for Jefferson County Public School students on the weekends. Only $2.50 can feed a child in need for one weekend.  I’m planning on selling muffins at the Fine Art Showcase on Thursday, March 28. My goal is to raise $100. One-hundred dollars could feed one student for a full school year (38 weekends). At the showcase, I will be selling 2 muffins for $2.50. Each bag that I sell can feed a child for 1 weekend. Thank you for considering helping this cause.
5th Grade Capstone Project to Help The Arrow Fund
Hello my name is Vivi and I’m a 5th grader here at Chance. For my Capstone Project I made soaps to sell to raise money for a society called the Arrow Fund. The Arrow Fund is a society that takes in abused animals and helps them find a permanent home. All of the money that I make from donations and from soap selling will be taken to the pet store to buy beds, food, and toys, that will be donated to the Arrow Fund. Each bag of home made soaps contains two soaps for $5. We hope you will decide to donate or buy an early Mother's Day gift. I will be at carpool and walking around the school over the next few days. Thank you for your support.