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Welcome to Fireball and Feathers, our New Chickens!

This school year we welcomed two new additions to our Environmental Learning Program, named by the children through a school-wide vote - Fireball and Feathers. These two chickens have become an important part of playground time as each week a class takes care of the chickens by feeding them, making sure they have water, and just as importantly, talking to them and interacting with them. We noticed that over time even though it was not the class’s week to care for chickens, they still wanted to contribute and connect. Some friends saved their extra snack, others sat and talked with our chickens, and some drew pictures of what they observed the chickens doing. The care and connections that we have seen exhibited demonstrates the importance for opportunities like this for our students.

Would you and your family like to be involved in caring for Fireball and Feathers too? Click here to sign up and learn how easy it is to do!

Our chickens also have a School of Compassion connection. They are from a farm in London, KY called Rustic Acres Farm, that started as an "off the grid farm" in London, KY where they raised their children, including one special girl, Kylie, who until the age of 7 was nonverbal. Kylie started to care for and raise chickens on the farm and over time, this became a transformational experience for this young autistic lady who started speaking and also started to find comfort in human contact and physical touch, please read her story below. Raising chickens literally changed her life and her family's life. Because of this, Mom and Dad will soon begin working on a new goal: transforming Rustic Acres into an educational farm for youth!