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Green Team


The Green Team is a collaborative group of 4th and 5th-grade students who lead and facilitate environmentally sustainable practices and model stewardship for our school and our environment. Members of the Green Team are “catalysts in the classrooms” and advisers to faculty, staff, parents, and partners and are facilitated by the Director of our Environmental Programs, Rachel Beck. Due to COVID-19, this year’s virtual Green Team will be exploring and investigating sustainability and stewardship within our homes! One way we may do this is through creating our own compost systems, home recycling plans, home critter habitats, etc. The team will also be invited to take what they have learned from their explorations and create a home guide curriculum and kit for families and teachers wishing to embark on environmental education. Opportunities like virtual meetings with partners and onsite outdoor explorations within a cohort will be planned and communicated after enrichments have started. While we will base our project out of our homes, the team will have deciding power on their chosen project and how to carry out research and development.


Dear Teachers, Families, and Students,
We have created a virtual resource for you that will help the school be a better green school. Now that most of us are at home learning, you can look at this together and have discussions. Use our virtual classroom in your Google Classroom as your resource and as a way to help remind you about how to stay safe and start doing environmentally helpful things, such as not idling. We suggest helpful things for people and our environment; although they may not be necessarily easier, they should be our goal.
As we are nearing the holidays, we also have some Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle holiday tips: Josh suggests that if you are buying someone a Lego set, put a note on the gift about recycling the box and the wrapping.

Callan reminds us that you can reuse Christmas decorations each year until it breaks. Amelia shared an idea about older decorations. She suggests taking older decorations that would otherwise be tossed and turn them into something new. Create a new decoration.
Most Sincerely,
Your Green Team