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Lora Walters

3s Preschool Teacher

I have a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor’s of Social Work from Murray State University. I have worked in the early childhood field for over ten years, and in that time have held a variety of positions. I have experience as a preschool teacher, preschool director, kindergarten teacher, and teacher coach. I have worked in both private and public settings.

I started my career in early childhood a bit later in life, and I like to say that it found me. I was so impressed with my son’s preschool program in western Kentucky that I decided I wanted to be a part of it. I taught there for several years and then began to pursue my Master’s Degree to increase my knowledge within the field.

There are so many reasons why I am proud to be a teacher at Chance. Chance’s commitment to progressive education fits in well with my philosophy of educating young children. I am excited to be able to incorporate the best of what I have learned through multiple experiences and settings here at Chance. I strive to address the needs of the whole child. I use the classroom environment and learning activities to promote social-emotional growth, motor development, as well as the learning of academic concepts. I also work toward building a community of cooperative learners, an environment in which children work together to problem-solve. Lastly, I aim to provide activities in which children can learn new concepts through hands-on experiences.

The outdoor learning environment at Chance is another reason why I am so thrilled to be here. The variety of spaces and surfaces available for children to play gives them ample opportunity to develop gross motor skills. Also, children are able to be outside for extended periods of time. This “play” time is necessary for young children and helps them to be more focused and attentive when in the classroom. Finally, children have the opportunity to learn about scientific concepts like plant life-cycles by actually seeing them for themselves.

Another factor in my decision to teach at Chance is their dedication to teaching through thematic units. In my experience, thematic units that are child derived and driven are the best way to teach young children. Many schools have moved away from this “better” practice, and I believe this is detrimental to the growth of children. At Chance, children have the opportunity to have a voice in what they learn. When children choose, they are more invested and engaged in the learning process. On a personal note, the little preschool boy who inspired my new career will be going away to college next year. Of course, I am so very proud of him. My family and I also enjoy traveling together and spoiling our cat, Sebastian.