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Alex Evans

Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

I hold a Master of Education in School Counseling and a Bachelor of English and Elementary Education from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. I have worked as a 3rd-grade co-teacher and reading interventionist for two years in a public school. I was also an art and music teacher at an outdoor-certified school in Michigan for the past three years. I am a member of the American School Counselor Association and love writing on elementary-aged student research topics. I have been published through my university two times, and I hope to continue my research and writing work in the future. I have also had the extreme pleasure of being a summer camp counselor for many years, and I believe it has shaped my education and counseling career tremendously. 

I strongly believe that loving something is the most important step in learning to take care of it; at Chance, students are allowed to learn to love their unique selves, the Earth, and those around them, leading to increased intrinsic motivation and positive change for our future. I am passionate about whole-child development; with Virginia Chance School’s focus on progressive practices, outdoor integration, and being a school of compassion, everyone can flourish physically, social-emotionally, and academically.

I love that the progressive education program empowers teachers to facilitate student choice, interest-led projects, collaboration, creativity, and nature-based exploration- all critical pieces to appropriate, individualized development. I am fueled by the passion around me at Chance, and it is clear that passion influences the safe, exciting, accepting, and ever-changing learning environment we all (students, families, and staff!) get to grow in.

Outside of teaching, I love exploring our new city of Louisville with my partner. We enjoy finding new restaurants, sports, parks, music, and much more. I love a great outdoor patio, and Louisville has endless! I also love camping, long days on Lake Michigan, my family, playing the ukulele, pickleball, disc golf, reading, and listening to podcasts non-stop. I am grateful to be a part of the Virginia Chance Family and your student’s learning journey; I always look forward to laughter, adventure, and a growth-filled year.