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Marybeth Legler

Preschool Twos Teacher
I have a Bachelor of Art in Psychology from Indiana University, and I am certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and I have been an early childhood teacher for 16 wonderful years! I am a trained early childhood teacher, and before coming to Chance School to teach in the 2s class, I taught pre-school, Kindergarten, gardening and integrative movement at an independent school in Louisville.
I am a life long learner and am always striving to stay current with ways to support children in their developmental processes. I am training in sensory integration and therapeutic movement currently. I love working with young children and believe the work I do as a caregiver is of the utmost importance, as these are the child’s foundational years. I believe preschool should be an extension of the home and therefore I strive to create a home-like environment that helps little ones feel secure, warm and loved. Life is the best curriculum for young children, and we will spend our days learning through play, enjoying the outdoors and caring for our cottage (all of which happens to be ideal for integration and physical development). I am a certified nutritionist, and I will bring my love for nourishing foods into the classroom whenever possible.
When not in the classroom, you can find me trail running, planning my next mountain adventure, cooking, reading or simply taking a stroll through the forest.