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Holly Ringo

Intermediate 4 & 5 Teacher

I am a Nationally Board Certified teacher in the area of Literacy for ages 3-12. I have a Master’s degree with an emphasis in Literacy and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, both from Western Kentucky University. I am also Gifted and Talented Certified. I started my teaching career 19 years ago, and my experience includes teaching elementary age levels, middle school, and coaching teachers.

Seven years ago, I joined the faculty of Virginia Chance because I believe in the way VCS approaches learning with children. Learning is exploratory, personal, and unique for each child; this encompasses academics as well as social and emotional guidance, and every child is respected and valued. As an Intermediate teacher, I have the unique privilege to walk alongside children and families as they finish their educational journey at Chance School. I watch children as they step into the role of self-advocate. I learn from children as they deeply explore topics of their choosing and teach others their new learning in creative ways. And finally, children model problem-solving skills and ideas in regular class meetings, which help to create a safe community where all friends feel valued and accepted. 

Not only do I have the privilege of working as a teacher at Virginia Chance, but our family is personally invested in the VCS family. My youngest is in the elementary program, and my oldest is a recent graduate. Our oldest is a strong, independent, and creative young lady. The progressive program has helped her blossom because she’s had the opportunity to discover her unique spirit instead of fitting into a pre-determined mold. Our youngest is more tentative, and the progressive philosophy has nurtured him to step out boldly and take risks in his learning.

After school, my family and I enjoy getting involved in my church to “Love the ‘Ville” and help out in the community. I love to teach dance aerobics, walk, read, and dance ballet, and I’ve even been known to share some steps with our Intermediate Friends!