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Hannah Schardein

Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

I hold a Master of Education in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from the University of Louisville. I have taught threes, fours, first grade, and second grade as well as taught and directed the Junior Kindergarten Program in local independent schools in my seventeen years of teaching. I’ve enjoyed presenting at various educational conferences, such as KAIS, and serving on the Early Childhood Board at the Kentucky Science Center.

I am influenced by modern research in education and am especially mindful of the central importance of choice, nature, and free play in children’s early educational experiences. These best practice approaches led me to the progressive education program at Virginia Chance School.

The green expanses of our Glenview campus inspire children’s imaginations and bring learning about our natural world directly into their hands. Exploring math, literacy, art, music, and science outside under the trees encourages a sense of wonder while delivering children’s brains a peace of mind only available in the out of doors. I have a firm respect for the different developmental pathways and knowledge that all humans are born with different propensities; our theme studies here at Virginia Chance School provide opportunities for all children’s interests to be recognized. Authentic project work offers children a safe, welcoming space to develop 21st-century skills. I believe that educators are responsible for caring for each child with a mindfulness of these ideas. I am so appreciative of working with like-minded teachers here at Chance School.

Outside of school, my family and I enjoy getting out into nature to boat, hike, and garden, and we are all avid readers. Pasta-making is a new hobby. Our boxer dog, Beorn, and our black and white cat, Kodak, are considered family. My coffee time in the mornings is sacred. Lastly,  I believe laughter is the medicine for the soul. I am so happy to feel at home at Virginia Chance School.