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Summer Camp for 2-year olds

Camp is an opportunity for our two-year-old friends to adapt to a new situation in a safe, nurturing environment. Routines are consistent and schedules are simple to ease the transition to a new setting. Our youngest campers practice their newly found independence while exploring each of the outdoor themes. Activities include books, art projects, pretend play and lots of physical activities.

Campers attend one or more weeks in three-day (Mon-Wed) or five-day (Mon-Fri) sessions from 8:30 – 11:30 or 8:30 – 1:00.

Must be 2 years of age by Oct 1, 2019.


(We have camps for 2-year olds3-year olds, 4-year olds, K - 1st grade, and 2nd - 5th grade.)

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Week 1: To Infinity and Beyond

June 3 - 7

A week spent discovering and learning about space! Create your own galaxy, read stories about space, make a constellation, build a rocketship, make your own planet and get ready to meet an alien or two. Trips to faraway galaxies will start our first week of camp with an out of this world experience!

2 year old camper, Week 1: To Infinity and Beyond
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Week 2: A Pirate's Life For Me (FULL/CLOSED)

June 10 - 14

Let’s travel to the ocean this week as we dive into a unique water experience! We will hunt for treasure, dress up like pirates and mermaids, create treasure maps, build boats, read stories about the sea, and discover lots of cool creatures. Retrieve your anchors and cast your sails as we enter uncharted territory! We will enjoy all this while cooling off from the summer heat!

Week 3: Once Upon a Time (FULL/CLOSED)

June 17 - 21

Travel to a land far far away and explore knights, dragons, queens and kings, princes and princesses, fairies, unicorns and much more. Building castles, finding dragons in the woods, reading fairy tales, making costumes, creating magical art, building fairy homes and other adventures await us as we take a step into another land! Welcome lords and ladies, lads and lassies to this magical week!

Week 4: African Safari (FULL/CLOSED)

June 24 - 28

Grab your binoculars and hats as we go on a Safari! Explore lions, elephants, zebras, cheetahs and many more majestic animals! This week we will all be zoologists and safari guides as we learn about animals and their habitats. Create your own species, build a habitat, read animal stories, dress up like your favorite animal and go for hikes in the woods to see what animals you can spot!

Week 5: Party in the U.S.A.!

July 1 - 5 (Camp closed July 4th)

Celebrating the United States the week of the Fourth of July seems like perfect timing and who doesn’t love a party! We will enjoy some old-fashioned games and fun such as sack-races, hopscotch, hula-hooping and more! Making musical instruments, creating parade and party decorations, dancing and marching to music, creating flags and streamers and even roasting hot dogs and making homemade ice cream will have us embracing the red, white and blue and celebrating!

2-year old camper, Week 5: Party in the U.S.A.!
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Week 6: Garden Party (FULL/CLOSED)

July 8 - 12

Will we be using gardening tools and gloves this week as we learn about gardens! Plant your own seeds, learn how to care for plants, find out how vegetables and fruits grow, explore the wildlife that lives in gardens such as bugs, snakes, rabbits and butterflies, create art with flower petals and leaves, explore the Learning Greenhouse located on Virginia Chance School’s campus and go for a butterfly hike. Be ready to roll up your sleeves to dig in the soil and get messy in the dirt!

Week 7: Somewhere Over the Rainbow (FULL/CLOSED)

July 15 - 19

Explore all the things you can do with colors as we visit a rainbow our last week of camp! Stomp in colors and create art with your feet, paint the trees, play colorful games, make rainbow sparkle sensory bottles, go on a rainbow hike, make tie-dye t-shirts, create rainbow slime and make your own pot of gold! We will end camp with a popsicle party while wearing our tie-dye t-shirts!

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