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Congratulations Graduates!

Click to view our graduates and the graduation ceremony.
"I'm not crying, you're crying!" said everyone in attendance!

Teacher Job Fair

Bellarmine's Frazier Hall on Feb 26th, 10-1 PM - We'd love to get to know you!⁠

Challenge for Chance

Why give to Chance School?

Virginia Chance School is the only fully dedicated early childhood education program (encompassing all of childhood up to age 11yrs) in Louisville. Chance School takes influences from Montessori, Forest School, Reggio philosophy, Project-Based Learning, Inquiry-Based Learning, and Gifted and Talented Education to develop our Progressive School curriculum that stands out as best in class and is recognized nationally for its innovative program.

Your support of our school through the Challenge for Chance is so important and directly supports all of our kids!

Give today-

Chance School wins Trashformation Award!

Students were encouraged to communicate the importance of recycling and sustainability through art. Using only recyclable items, students’ art submissions should express or interpret “Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.”

Talking with Your Child About Race and Equality

Talking with young children about race and identity issues can feel daunting for parents and even educators. We want to provide you with a few resources that address why we should start or continue these conversations and some suggestions to help you along the journey, especially as we celebrate Martin Luther King’s life and legacy on Monday.

HELP for the Holidays!

In the midst of all the fun, excitement and upcoming plans for the holidays, are you or your children feeling a bit stressed? Here are 7 ideas to make this time more enjoyable and manageable for both you and your child.
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