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Sign up for Parenting Class starting January 17th!

Developing Capable Young People- Virginia Chance School is now proud to offer our signature parenting workshop to all parents in the community starting January 17th through March 21st on Thursday evenings. The course includes information regarding how to talk and listen to your child, developmental stages, the parent's role in supporting those stages, specific unique ways of communicating, how to help your child learn to be responsible, how to use positive discipline and how to help your child develop into a capable person. Developing Capable Young People is a 9-week series held on Thursday Evenings at Virginia Chance School and is open to the public. Sign-up below!
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TWO Teachers in EVERY Classroom = Double the Benefits

Visit any classroom at Virginia Chance School, and you will see two highly qualified teachers - not one teacher, not one teacher and an assistant teacher or aide, and not a teacher and a special education teacher and not two part-time teachers job sharing. In every preschool and elementary classroom, from twos through fifth grade, there are two equal lead classroom teachers.
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