Helpful Anti-Racism Resources from the Faculty, Staff, and Administration of Virginia Chance School

Dear Families and Friends of Virginia Chance School,

The news in our city and nation weighs heavily on our hearts. The recent deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others is heartbreaking and raw. The promise of justice, feels too often unfulfilled. The story is one we have heard before, and the gaping racial disparities that the coronavirus pandemic has laid bare in the disproportionate sickness and death of African-American, Latinx, and Native American communities calls us to do better and live up to our ideals.
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Grace instead of Guilt

Choosing grace over guilt. How do you stop the guilt, turn off the “You should have (or shouldn’t have)” and “You aren’t a good parent, worker, teacher, spouse, partner, etc.”? How can you give yourself grace and put that guilt out of your mind and out of your heart? Here are six suggestions:
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Are there Positive Outcomes of COVID-19?

Don’t get me wrong...COVID-19 is not a good thing; it is not a positive thing. It is serious and can be a deadly virus for those at risk. What I mean by this question is, are there already some positive things that are an outcome or by-product of this coronavirus pandemic. Having and developing a growth mindset and positive attitude is a positive outcome of this COVID-19 outbreak, we'll show you how to reframe it in this blog:
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What Is Progressive Education?

Progressive Schools, traditional schools, boarding schools, day schools, college-prep schools, parochial schools, public schools, private schools, magnet schools and home schools…the choices are many! Making the right choice for your child can be a bit daunting for parents. As a Head of an independent school, I get to answer the question, “What’s so special about your school?” and “What does it mean that Virginia Chance School is a progressive school?”
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TWO Teachers in EVERY Classroom = Double the Benefits

Visit any classroom at Virginia Chance School, and you will see two highly qualified teachers - not one teacher, not one teacher and an assistant teacher or aide, and not a teacher and a special education teacher and not two part-time teachers job sharing. In every preschool and elementary classroom, from twos through fifth grade, there are two equal lead classroom teachers.
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Talking with Your Child About Race and Equality

Talking with young children about race and identity issues can feel daunting for parents and even educators. We want to provide you with a few resources that address why we should start or continue these conversations and some suggestions to help you along the journey, especially as we celebrate Martin Luther King’s life and legacy on Monday.
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Our Graduates Performance

We have completed a three-year comprehensive search and survey of the Middle Schools of our graduates to collect data – the empirical and the anecdotal – to track our graduates from the last three years. We have compiled their grades, test scores, teacher comments, report cards, and information about their student activities and involvement.  These results are from children who have attended other independent, public and parochial schools.
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Teaching Social Emotional Skills

By taking the time to teach our children social skills in the classroom, we are giving them skills that they will use all of their life, whether at home with family, in high school with friends or with coworkers at a job.
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