Helpful Anti-Racism Resources from the Faculty, Staff, and Administration of Virginia Chance School

As a school we are dedicated to providing a culture of mutual respect. We invite each other to understand and value multiple perspectives, and identify and reject stereotypes and biases, and to work for equity and peace within the school and beyond. We all have a role to play, as educators, parents, and community members. Here are some resources that were sent out to faculty and staff earlier in the week that we've found helpful:
An interview with Pema Chodron where she talks about the possibility of more polarization in the current crisis and having compassion for the people, but not condoning the actions that come out of fear. I thought it actually fit so well into how we implement positive discipline at our school and what is happening in Louisville right now.  
This American Life, Act Two, with W. Kamau Bell is worth a listen
Teaching Tolerance: Teaching Hard History
Sesame Street Town Hall addressing racism on Saturday, June 6th at 10am ET. A great way to help kids process what is happening and open up some hard conversations.
Corinne Kamiya
Preschool Teacher
Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator