Virginia Chance School Classroom Newsletters

Newsletters are the inside story into the learning journey over the week in our classrooms. It's a unique learning tool for our parents as they gain real insight into their child's daily learning and start to understand the pedagogies in place that create deep level learning and understanding in the classroom.
The weekly newsletter is a coveted communication from the classroom that will arrive in your inbox weekly. Linked below are a few real examples of newsletters from each of our class segments from the two-year-old preschool classroom all the way up to the Intermediate grades 4/5 classroom. Discover here the detailed explanation of learning that showcases progressive education throughout our school and the level of instruction from two lead teachers in each classroom. We pride ourselves in searching and recruiting the best teachers who believe in and have the stamina and devotion to teach in progressive pedology. Here you will see a level of respect, cooperation, and unique deep learning not found in other programs. Welcome to Virginia Chance School.
A selection from 2022:
A selection from 2021:
(notice the developmental appropriate applications between these two learning experiences: K/1 and then the Primary 2/3)
A selection from 2020: