Meet Dr. Betsy Fitch

Dr. Betsy Fitch's wish is for all children to experience school the way Virginia Chance School students experience school - with joy, dignity, and respect. 

Located at 4200 Lime Kiln Lane in the Glenview neighborhood, Virginia Chance School is an independent school for children ages 2 through grade 5 that focuses on progressive education. Dr. Fitch serves as the Head of the School. 

Chance School provides an interactive, collaborative learning environment for its approximately 265 students. Students learn through hands-on discovery and project work. Play, open exploration, and guided experiences allow students to make connections and interact with the world around them. 

The school strives to develop students into responsible, capable, caring citizens. At Chance School, students are empowered to make decisions that benefit both themselves and their peers while fostering strong connections in a supportive atmosphere of mutual respect. Students are given the freedom to be curious and independent, to discover and explore in a hands-on learning environment. 

"We want our students to develop a growth mindset and see themselves as collaborative leaders," explains Dr. Fitch. 

A native of Kentucky, Dr. Fitch earned her undergraduate from Murray State University and an MBA from Xavier University. When she and her husband moved to Northern California in 2000, she pursued her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. She earned a teaching credential, a second master's degree, an administrative credential, and a doctorate in education leadership, focusing on Progressive Education from San Jose State University.  

Dr. Fitch has 24 years of experience in education. She has served as a Kindergarten through 8th-grade classroom teacher, the founding teacher for two start-up schools, and a principal. She has worked in California, the Thai-Chinese International School in Bangkok, Thailand, and now in Kentucky.

"My biggest inspirations are the children, teachers, and families I work with each day," says Dr. Fitch. "There is so much joy, grace, respect, and empathy at Chance School." 

At Chance School, the Teacher Common Language creates a consistent learning environment across the program that is proven to promote lifelong learning and problem-solving skills in children. The school encourages self-motivation, a growth mindset, and critical thinking and integrates outdoor learning for all students.

Woven throughout every aspect of a Chance education is the firm belief that children benefit from being in and surrounded by nature. The original portions of the historic building date back to the 1910s and are made of limestone quarried from the site. The school is located in a serene wooded campus that helps students feel relaxed and prepares them to fully engage in learning. It's a magical place where students thrive.

"It's an ideal place for children to develop a lifelong love of learning and connections," says Dr. Fitch. 

Virginia Chance has 80 faculty and staff members, allowing two lead teachers in every classroom. These teachers are tasked with facilitating, guiding, supporting, and challenging Virginia Chance learners to work toward their full potential in all areas of development. 

The preschool classes focus on strengthening social and emotional skills through play while experimenting with age-appropriate learning activities. Children participate in hands-on learning and guided instruction to explore literacy, math, science, movement, music, art, and dramatic play. 

The preschool through elementary program (PK2s-5th grade) develops the whole child - cognitively, socially, emotionally, morally, and physically. "We guide children to optimize their potential during this critical development stage of childhood," says Dr. Fitch. Students are immersed in learning opportunities while also developing essential life skills. 

Chance School also offers a before and after-school program, a summer camp program, sports, and enrichment activities. 

Mission Statement: Virginia Chance School is an independent school that serves children ages 2 through 5th grade. As a diverse community of learners, we commit to excellence and respect through a joyful, challenging, and progressive program. With an intentional whole-child approach to education, each individual reaches his/her cognitive, social, emotional, moral, and physical potential. Virginia Chance students graduate as confident, inquisitive learners prepared to engage productively with their world.

For more information about touring or applying to Virginia Chance School, contact [email protected] or email Dr. Fitch at [email protected].