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Enrichment Sign Ups

Chance School Fall Enrichments

Register for Fall/Winter Enrichments!

ALL Enrichments are starting soon! Sign-ups close on Nov. 4th.

Enrichments will end January 23rd.

Billing: Enrichments are collected at time of registration below.

NOTE: Please complete one form per child and return to fill it out again for the next child (sibling). Enrichments are not in session on non-school days, conference days, holidays, breaks, or half days.

Preschool enrichments will be offered in the Winter & Spring.

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Parent Information

Enrichment Programs

Tabletop Games Club

Tuesdays 3:00PM-4:15PM -Nov 7th - Jan 23rd

Open to Grades 3rd-5th. 

Explore collaborative story-telling with "No Thank You, Evil." This game lets children express their imaginations and work together to solve problems in a fantasy setting. Children will learn rules to the game, create characters, and use their special skills and equipment to solve challenges.

*Parents need to provide their child w/ a weekly snack for enrichments

Price: $185.00
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Lego Club

Tuesdays from 3:00PM-4:15PM -Nov 7th- Jan 23rd

Open to Grades Kindergarten- 5th Grade. 

Explorers and creators! Get ready for a fun 8 week journey of building, building, building.  It’s not a secret that Chance loves to learn and play. This is a space where your children will have the opportunity to use their imaginations to create, manipulate, construct, and deconstruct with Legos! Our builders will be able to choose from a weekly theme or they will have the option to build their own idea. Some weeks our builders will work in teams and show their creations to others (this is optional). Let’s have fun while building together!

*Parents need to provide their child w/ a weekly snack for enrichments

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Price: $185.00
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Chess Club

Tuesdays from 3:00PM-4:15PM - Nov 7th- Jan 23rd

Open to Kindergarten - 3rd Grade.

Join Coach Nathan for high energy beginner friendly chess classes! Absolutely no chess experience is necessary. Kids will master a new chess tactic each week to collect colorful wristbands. The Knight School's nationally recognized curriculum uses funny chess movies, fast-paced party bead tournaments, "Toast Games", music-driven puzzlers, and much more to help kids learn and love one of the most popular and timeless games in the world, make friends, build critical thinking skills while having a blast doing so!       

If have any other questions, please contact The Knight School Louisville Director Nathan Ash at [email protected] or by phone at 630-338-9409

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