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Basketball 2022

Chance School Basket Ball

Welcome to our Basketball signups!

We are excited to offer this sport for our for 2nd through 5th grade students.

Leagues will begin the week of October 11 and end the week of February 13th. The League will need a minimum of 10 students for the program to run. If we do not get the minimum you will be refunded to your form of payment.

While our enrichment programs are designed to be engaging and fun on campus, we are not responsible for your child's supervision before (late start basketball) or after the basketball. If you need CHUMs care before or after your child's sport, please contact Karen Linton and she will come up with a prorated amount.
The basketball program is $250. You will be prompted to pay by card during the registration process in order to acquire the spot. If you have any questions, please contact Tate Crenshaw, Athletic Coordinator / PE Teacher, at [email protected]


NOTE: Please complete one form per child and come back to fill it out again for the next child (sibling).


October 13th - February 18th 

There will be no practice Nov. 21 - 25; Dec. 16 - Jan. 2

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday
3:00-4:10 2nd Grade Boys 3-5th 2nd Grade Girls 3-5th
4:20-5:30 Boys 3-5th (optional) Girls 3-5th Girls 3-5th (optional) Boys 3-5th



We are currently working on creating an Independent School League in hopes that we can play against our peers and build community. We will choose the next best skill-matched league if that doesn't work out.



Each team will need to have a minimum of 10 sign ups.

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