NEW! Travel Restrictions: Virginia Chance School Self-Quarantine Policy

For the foreseeable future, if your family travels internationally at all or to any state or territory that has a COVID-19 positivity rate of 10.0% or higher, your child will be required to participate in our Chance-At-Home online learning program for 14 calendar days after you return.


We are monitoring the positivity rate daily from three reputable sources: Covid Act Now, Johns Hopkins University, and COVID Exit Strategy. States that have a positivity rate of 10.0% or higher from at least two of these three sources on any given day will be subject to this quarantine policy. When trends in states moderate, we will remove states from the list when their positivity rate drops below 10% as measured by at least two of our sources. 


Brief through-travel (for example, an airport layover or a brief stop for gas, restrooms, or lunch) does not require self-quarantine. A lengthy stop in a state (for example, spending the night while on the way to a final destination or making a lengthy visit to a site such as a museum or an amusement park, in addition to the final destination) is subject to this policy. If one member of a family travels to a location subject to this policy and, upon return, remains strictly isolated from the rest of the family during the quarantine period, other members of the family may come to the VCS campus.


A list of states subject to this policy will be published on the school's website and updated as conditions change. Please send any questions about how this policy applies to your travels or when you or your child may return to campus to


We will reevaluate this policy as the situation changes and make updates as appropriate.


States that are currently subject to the self-quarantine policy: Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, and Wisconsin.