Now Enrolling!

Virginia Chance School is filling fast, but we still have a few openings for right-fit families to join. Please fill out a tour request or send your friends a message that we still have openings in these classes for next year:
Second Grade: 3 spots
Third Grade: 2 spots
Virginia Chance School is an inclusive school that is warm and welcoming and works to attract and retain a diverse student body that reflects a range of racial, economic, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, where everyone benefits from Chance’s philosophy and mission.
The admissions process at Chance is designed to help interested families explore Chance’s unique philosophy and program. Together, we can decide if the school is a good fit for your child and your family.

The school considers a student for admission or re-enrollment based upon multiple criteria, including:
  • commitment to completing the full program through 5th-grade graduation
  • educational philosophy match between the family and the school
  • inclusivity with unwavering support of anti-racism enrollment policies
  • academic readiness or qualification
  • gender balance
Interested parties are encouraged to show interest through the New Student Inquiry Page and begin the application process. Applications are accepted at any time.