Our Graduates Performance

How do Virginia Chance School students do after graduation? Are students prepared once they leave Chance? How do they transition to other schools? How do they transition to getting grades? Do they make good grades? Are they successful? Do they get involved in other activities?

Have you ever pondered those questions? Wonder no more!

The results are in and are no surprise to us! Over the years, we have gathered data from our graduates, and the results have been consistently outstanding. We are proud of our students – for their hard work, compassion, leadership, work ethic, involvement, positive attitudes, confidence, and success.  Also, please know that we do not do admissions testing and screen for a particular aptitude or socio-economic level, so these are the results of a broad range of learners.

Below are the results of graduates for the past three years, and as you can see, they are well-prepared and reflect Virginia Chance School well:


Virginia Chance graduates are successful and outstanding learners! The chart below reveals the grades of the Middle School 6th graders. Note that 80% of our students go on to be “A students”, 20% are B+ students, (A+ 13%; A 40%; A- 27%; B+ 20%) and with these scores 100% are on the honor rolls at their schools, and there are no graduates whose grades are below a B+ average. Pass/Fail classes were not added, as to not inflate scores because no Fails were recorded. Also, many of these grades are from advanced and accelerated courses.

Graduate Grades Data

Teacher Comments:

In addition to the grades, a sampling of teacher comments reveal their work ethic, creativity, and love of learning:

____ is off to a very good start in 6th grade Chinese. I find him to be a very kind and caring student who often thinks about others before himself. He is very helpful to me when he reaches out to assist peers in need.

____ is a hard-working, enthusiastic learner.

He approaches his work with quiet determination and a natural sense of curiosity about the world.

She brings great creativity and imagination to her work.

___ …is almost always doing more than is required.

___  has a commitment to excellence and a clear sense of personal responsibility.

___ is extremely engaged and enthusiastic.

___ demonstrates a true commitment to excellence in each project he tackles, and his pride in his work shines through when he presents it to classmates.

From the first day of school, he has defined himself as a learner and enjoys pushing himself to try new things.

___ is always thinking on a higher level.

___ did a wonderful job representing our school in the district math competition.

___ has been a great addition to the sixth grade.

He is a wonderful student and his work is amazing!

___ shined here!

___ shows true determination, curiosity, and eagerness in the classroom.

___ actively participates in class discussions.

She is a happy and eager learner and has really settled into this environment comfortably.

___ displays a proficient level of understanding through her work.

Student Leadership and Activities:

A sampling of student activities reveals our graduates are very involved in their middle schools, including other independent, public and parochial middle schools! They take the initiative to join or even form clubs. These include joining in sports (boys and girls), becoming class officers, joining after-school clubs, starting environmental/green teams, engaging in academic teams and competitions. We also see a dedication to service organizations and projects, band, instrumental and vocal music, fine arts, foreign language clubs, drama, and student government. Our graduates’ skills as learners and leaders and their social and emotional skills have empowered them; our graduates are consistently engaged and involved in their middle schools' leadership and student activities.

What were the Next Schools:

Where did our graduates go and transition so well? To offer even more clarity, here is the list of their next schools, you’ll see local private, public, and parochial schools. Kentucky Country Day, Walden School, Louisville Collegiate School, Francis Parker School, JCPS Middle Schools, Oldham County Schools, Louisville Parochial Schools, and Summit Academy.

Thank you and congratulations to the parents who invest in a Virginia Chance School education for their children all the way through the program! If you have not seen our elementary program recently, please set up a tour of our elementary program and see firsthand why and how these students succeed as charismatic learners and leaders.

And now you know how our graduates do when they transition to Middle School!


Proud to be part of the Virginia Chance School team,

Debbie Houston, Head of School