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School athletics offers numerous benefits for students. At Chance School, we encourage parents to prioritize school-based sports over outside leagues while in our program. Participating in school sports not only helps to improve physical fitness but can also enhance mental toughness, develop leadership skills, and promote teamwork that helps in the classroom as well. Here is a list of the current offerings for Chance School Athletics:

Cross Country is a great sport for endurance athletes who want to push themselves to new limits. This sport involves running long distances over varied terrain, which helps to build cardiovascular endurance and mental toughness. Additionally, cross country is a great way to build camaraderie with teammates and develop a sense of discipline and commitment.

Basketball is a high-energy sport that requires both physical and mental agility. Players must be quick on their feet, have excellent hand-eye coordination, and possess a strong work ethic. Basketball is a great way to build confidence, improve communication skills, and develop leadership abilities. It is also a fun way to stay in shape and make new friends.

Soccer is a popular sport that requires both technical skill and teamwork. Players must be quick, agile, and have excellent ball handling abilities. Soccer is a great way to build physical fitness, develop coordination and improve communication skills. It is also a great way to learn how to work together as a team and develop a sense of community.

Track & Field is a diverse sport that offers a wide range of events for athletes of all abilities. From long-distance running to sprinting, jumping, and throwing, track & field offers a unique opportunity for athletes to showcase their individual strengths. Participating in track & field can help to build confidence, develop discipline, and promote a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

Our students participate in elementary school athletics, which is unique amongst other independent schools. We join developmental leagues to help challenge and encourage growth in their respective activities. From improved physical fitness to enhanced mental toughness, developing leadership skills, and building school camaraderie, there are many reasons why our Chance students love school sports. Go Chargers!