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Jamie Briglio

Preschool Fours Teacher
I have a Master of Arts and Teacher Certification in Secondary Education with an endorsement in
Middle School from National-Louis University in Chicago. A few years later, I obtained an Early Childhood certificate from the same University. I attended the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana for my undergrad, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English.
I have been teaching preschool for the past eighteen years. I spent the first fifteen years of my career as an educator, early childhood director, and mentor at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy in Chicago, Illinois. A twist of fate occurred when I walked into Chance School for a tour to gain insights and ideas for my program back home and was hired on the spot! I decided to pack up my life and move to Kentucky to be a part of the Chance School community filled with warmth, love, and a vibrant passion for educating children.

I want to introduce you to my classroom and all the components that help make it a special
place. My classroom currently functions as a "third teacher" in the room. Bringing nature into the classroom through trees, plants, and flowers is essential. As well as using the outside to help guide my teaching. I have chosen to create an environment that feels like home.
There is a lot we can learn from exploring the phenomenon of nature. I believe the room should
have a natural color scheme that gives the students a sense of serenity and calmness. The room is not just a splash of vibrant colors but a true expression of who the students are. Together with exploratory centers, this environment allows the students to feel safe and happy. It encourages them to ask questions, notice their work hanging in the room, and appreciate their interactions and experiences with each other.

I approach discipline in a way that makes sense to the students. Though they often apologize
when they experience a conflict, the words "I'm sorry" are not the main focus. I want them to
understand why they are sorry and not only repeat words they have heard many times. I teach
them the language necessary to help resolve a conflict on their own. I ask several questions: "what happened, what could they have done differently, how do they feel, and what they need to feel better?" This allows my students to take ownership of a conflict and find a solution that is reasonable to them. Teaching them how to resolve conflict and use critical thinking skills at an early age is essential.
I implement a two-choice policy in my classroom. For example, if a child feels frustrated about something, I give them two solutions I approve of and let them decide what is best moving forward. This gives them the tools to learn how to make a choice and feel that they are essential and are being heard.

The students need to have a voice in the classroom and know that what they say does
matter. This happens in many facets in my classroom. Their words derive our curriculum. We
explore topics together and embark on long investigations throughout the school year. There are
days when I do not know what I will be teaching tomorrow because the curriculum is created from the interests and ideas of the students. I try not to answer the students' questions directly. Instead, I find ways to help them answer their questions by posting timelines and schedules, posing questions to ponder, or suggesting phrases that allow them to respond independently. Teaching this way has taught me the importance of being extremely flexible, thinking quickly on my feet, and being very organized.

My philosophy is that the students must first learn to build independence and confidence because so much is done for them at the preschool age. When you show a child through their actions that they can succeed, they are much more willing to try new things.
I have now been in Louisville for five years. I live with my boyfriend in Germantown. We are
remodeling our home all by ourselves. This ongoing project started with us taking our
house down to the studs. It has been an incredible adventure, but I look forward to completing it. We recently acquired two cats after the passing of our dog, Milo. I quickly learned
that owning cats is nothing like having a dog, but we love Otis and Tiller and are happy to have
them as part of our family! In our free time, we love to travel, explore new restaurants and go on
hikes. I am an avid reader and enjoy crocheting to help me relax.