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Kameron Smith

P.E. Assistant
Hey, I'm Kameron Smith. I was born and raised in Dothan, Alabama, where I played soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and ran track. After high school, I attended Union College on a football scholarship before transferring to East Tennessee State University.

This will be my 2nd year at Chance School. My first full year as an assistant physical educator and coach. I was brought into this opportunity through Tate Crenshaw, and I'm very grateful for everything that's come out of it!

I'm a former Boy Scout who loves being in nature! Camping, fishing, making campfires, hiking—you name it!

I'm an entrepreneur who recently contracted my life insurance license in Kentucky. I love to trade! I usually trade stocks, commodities, and indexes. I also own MKFlavas: an amazing lemonade business; you can find us on Instagram @mkflavas or Facebook at the same name. You can also purchase our products on our website mkflavas.com

Lastly, I'm certified in Physical Education and CPR, but I want to grow by attaining more certifications in different fields.