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Kathleen Anderson

Preschool Twos Teacher

While I began my college career in the field of education for three years, I pivoted to earn a Bachelors in Marketing from the University of Louisville. After staying home to raise five children, I came full circle to my first passion of early childhood education and reentered the workforce as a preschool educator.
My approach to education is the same as that of raising my children: I strongly believe in helping grow good humans. I adore having the opportunity to help children learn and grow. This will be my twelfth year as a preschool teacher, and I have taught two-year-olds down to infants. For many years I have also nannied for families outside of my work day. My role as an educator is to work in conjunction with parents. These relationships are integral in raising individuals who are part of and understand how to navigate a larger community.
Chance’s focus on exploration outdoors truly enhances a child’s learning through observation, first-hand experience, problem-solving, and using all five senses. These students are learning critical skills that they will use throughout their lifetime. It helps reduce stress, improve health and assess risk. I have realized how essential the outdoors are for my existence and those around me. I value my surroundings and love to show others how to appreciate them and help preserve and enhance what we see. I believe that children are capable of much at a very young age. These tiny humans will learn the balance between play, purpose, and academia through a loving, caring, safe and challenging environment, inside and outside.
I get joy in life through hiking, camping, and all things crafty. I knit daily and love cooking for my family.