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Nora Jersild

First/Second Grade Teacher

I recently graduated from the University of Louisville, earning a degree in Early Elementary Education. In addition to my schooling, I spend my summers working at an overnight summer camp in the Northeast. These experiences have guided me into a love for educating children in an outdoor environment. Amid student teaching last spring, I heard about Chance School and immediately knew it aligned with my philosophy developed throughout my experiences working with children. 

I have chosen to enter my career at a progressive school because I believe in providing children with experiential learning opportunities. The Chance School is equipped with a wonderful environment for children to explore and develop their understanding of the world around them through the action of doing. This school year, I am excited to connect your children with nature and give them valuable, hands-on learning experiences that instill curiosity and wonder. I will guide and support them through their personal and educational growth journeys by creating a safe and welcoming environment.

In my first year at Chance, I look forward to joining a wonderful group of teachers and making connections with the Chance students and their families. At home, I love to be outside, hiking, reading, painting, and exploring new places around the city.