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Tuition & Payment Plans

To Be Considered for Enrollment at Virginia Chance School After touring, a link is provided to submit an Application for Admissions and $115 application fee per child is collected electronically to submit the application for review.

When Enrollment Decisions are Announced at Virginia Chance School Upon receiving an acceptance to your child’s application, please secure your child’s enrollment by paying a non-refundable $800 registration fee (or a non-refundable $200 registration fee for Elementary financial aid applicants). If you are put on a waitlist your registration fee is only due at time of full acceptance, but please note that your reply time from waitlist acceptance is shortened as we must move to the next acceptance quickly. So waitlist waits can be long but the time to perform will be short. The $800 yearly registration fee goes towards the tuition amounts shown below.
NOTE: 12 Monthly Payments Plan: school is in session for approx. 9.5 months- please carefully consider additional summer expenses if choosing this payment plan because tuition payments will pull over the summer while school is not in session. Many of our families need care over the summer like our Chance Summer Under The Trees summer camp which will be an additional expense over those months. Other Payment Plans include once annually or bi-annually.

Class Options 2023-2024 Tuition 12 Monthly Payments
Kindergarten/First Grade $19,665 $1651
Second & Third Grade $19,665 $1651
Fourth & Fifth Grade $19,665 $1651
Full Day Preschool until 3:00pm    
Five Day Two $13,995 $1155
Five Day Three $13,995 $1155
Five Day Pre-K $13,995 $1155
Preschool Mid-Day to 1:00pm    
Three Day / Five Day- Two $7,765 / $10,955 $609 / $889
Five Day- Three $10,955 $889
Five Day Pre-K $10,955 $889


Your tuition includes:
  • School Pictures
  • Parents’ Association Membership
  • organic milk for snack and lunch
  • all classroom supplies
  • field trip costs
Tuition Payment Plans
Plan 1 – Full Payment
The annual tuition balance is paid in full by June 1. Tuition Refund Plan is optional.

Plan 2 – Two Payments
60% of the annual tuition paid by June 1.
40% (less the registration fee) paid by December 1.
A tuition Refund Plan is required.

Plan 3 – Twelve Payments
Twelve monthly payments, including a 5% monthly service fee, with the first payment due June 1. A tuition Refund Plan is required.

Tuition Refund Plan
Virginia Chance School partners with Dewar Insurance to offer the Tuition Refund Plan (Tuition Insurance) as a means to ensure your annual financial obligations. Parents paying tuition in full have the option of participating in the Tuition Refund Plan; families who do not pay the total annual charges by June 1 must take part in the Tuition Refund Plan. Fees are a 2.6% percentage of the tuition amount for which families are responsible at the time of enrollment. The Tuition Refund Plan is not a full refund of the total cost but a percentage of the monthly payment. The signed enrollment contract is binding as of June 1, at which time parents are liable for the school year’s entire tuition.
*Chums (before and after school care) Rates: 
We know that when working on a school tuition budget for your family, that it helps to see the rates for before and after school care. Please see our full outline here, Chums Overview. Below you will see quarterly rates that would be charged outside of your normal tuition if you choose to sign up for these extended care options.
Monthly CHUMS charges will be automatically entered into FACTS Account and withdrawn by payment method set up on the FACTS portal.
2023-24 monthly rate 1 Day a week- monthly rate 2 Days a week- monthly rate 3 Days a week- monthly rate 4 Days a week- monthly rate Full Week- monthly rate
7:30am - 8:30am $46 $92 $138 $184 $230
3:00pm - 5:30pm $138 $276 $414 $552 $690
Drop-ins are available if we have open spots for that day; please email [email protected] 
24 hr notice is appreciated. Drop-in Daily Rate: 7:30am-8:30am $12.50; 3:00pm - 5:30pm $37.50
Drop-ins will be charged to the FACTS account the following week of attendance.