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Tuition & Payment Plans

To Be Considered for Enrollment at Virginia Chance School After touring, your first step in the admissions process is to submit an Application for Admissions and $100 application fee per child along with additional papers referenced on the Application & Registration insert. Forms provided by the school are in your tour packet.

When Enrollment Decisions are Announced at Virginia Chance School Upon receiving a response to your child’s application, please secure your child’s enrollment by paying a non-refundable $800 registration fee (or a non-refundable $200 registration fee for Elementary financial aid applicants). The $800 yearly registration fee has already been deducted from the tuition amounts shown below.

Class Options 2019-20 Tuition 12 Monthly Payments Tuition Refund Plan Fee*
Half-Day Preschool to 11:30am      
Two Day- Two $3,235 $283 $121
Five Day- Two $6,175 $539 $209
Three Day- Three $4,390 $383 $155
Five Day- Three $6,175 $539 $209
Five Day- Pre-K $6,175 $539 $209
Preschool Plus to 1:00pm      
Two Day- Two $4,265 $372 $152
Five Day- Two $8,705 $759 $285
Three Day- Three $5,935 $518 $202
Five Day- Three $8,705 $759 $285
Five Day Pre-K $8,705 $759 $285
Full Day Preschool until 3:00pm      
Five Day Two $11,355 $989 $364
Five Day Three $11,355 $989
Five Day Pre-K $11,355 $989 $364
Kindergarten/First Grade $16,255 $1418 $512
Second & Third Grade $16,255 $1418 $512
Fourth & Fifth Grade $16,255 $1418 $512


Your tuition includes:
  • registration fee
  • field trip costs (Threes through Intermediate)
  • field trip lunches where applicable
  • school pictures
  • t-shirt
  • all student items on the preschool supply list, except for a change of clothes and diapers/wipes as needed
  • all student items on the Elementary supply list, except for personal folders, binder(s), water bottle, jump drive, pencils and backpack
  • Teacher Appreciation donation
  • classroom Auction item
  • Parents’ Council fee
  • musical instrument rental where applicable
  • organic milk for snack and lunch
  • all classroom supplies

Your tuition does not include:

  • Adult background checks of $40 per family (up to two adults) to be invoiced in June; $20 per additional adult/volunteer
  • Extended Programs: Chance Chums*, Enrichments, afterschool clubs and sports 
  • Snack for your child’s classmates (on a rotating basis)
  • Lunch for your child (sent from home)
  • End-of-year field trips/celebrations
  • Fundraising Initiatives – Challenge for Chance and Auction. Please understand that you have a responsibility to financially support Virginia Chance School. Please be aware that tuition does not cover the entire cost of educating our students; therefore your support is essential to the school’s ability to consistently fulfill its mission of providing academic excellence in a positive and nurturing environment. Your responsibilities include contributing to the two major fund-raising efforts of the year- Challenge for Chance and the Auction – to the fullest extent you are able.
Tuition Payment Plans
Plan 1 – Full Payment
Annual tuition balance paid in full by June 1. Tuition Refund Plan is optional.

Plan 2 – Two Payments
60% of the annual tuition paid by June 1.
40% (less the registration fee) paid by December 1.
Tuition Refund Plan is required.

Plan 3 – Twelve Payments
Twelve monthly payments including a monthly service fee, with the first payment due June 1. Tuition Refund Plan is required.

Tuition Refund Plan
Virginia Chance School partners with Dewar Insurance to offer the Tuition Refund Plan (Tuition Insurance) as a means to ensure your annual financial obligations. Parents paying tuition in full have the option of participating in the Tuition Refund Plan; families who do not pay the total annual charges by June 1 must take part in the Tuition Refund Plan. Fees are a 3% percentage of the tuition amount for which families are responsible at the time of enrollment. The Tuition Refund Plan is not a full refund of the total cost but a percentage of the monthly payment. The signed enrollment contract is binding as of June 1, at which time parents are liable for the school year’s entire tuition.
*Chums (before and after school care) Rates:
We know that when working on a school tuition budget for your family, that it helps to see the rates for before and after school care. Please see our full outline here, Chums Overview. Below you will see monthly rates that would be charged outside of your normal tuition if you choose to sign up for these extended care options.
Rates Charged, seen below, in total cost monthly increments:
2018-19 Chums monthly rate 1 Day a week- month rate 2 Days a week- month rate 3 Days a week- month rate 4 Days a week- month rate Full Week- month rate
7:30am - 8:30am $46  $92 $138 $184 $230
1:00pm - 3:00pm $92 $184 $276 $368 $460
3:00pm - 6:00pm $138 $276 $414 $552 $690
Drop-ins are available if we have open spots for that day, please email 
24 hr notice is appreciated.