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Ursula Carnahan

Technology Specialist/Health Clerk

I was born and raised in Cologne, Germany, where I graduated from a hospitality management program in 1995. At a young age, I joined a scout group that met weekly to explore the surrounding natural world. I grew up in an organized international exchange program. Those programs sparked my love of learning about different cultures and their environments. At the age of 11, I attended an international camp in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and at the age of 12, an international camp in Genova, Italy. Through these positive early experiences, I developed a love for nature and protecting its environment. I can see how Virginia Chance School is fostering precisely those experiences in its students.

I met my husband, Drew, while working at an internship at a hotel in Chicago. Drew’s career in hotel management has taken us from Chicago to Telluride, Aruba, San Antonio, and Orlando before we moved to Louisville in the Summer of 2021. Our children, Lily and Henry, are now teenagers but attended Montessori schools from three until high school. We found that the Montessori philosophy suited a family like ours well. Not only did the Montessori structure accommodate our frequent moves, but the philosophy positively impacted me as a person as well. As a result, I became involved with volunteer work at my children’s schools and eventually became an assistant teacher at the Montessori World School in Orlando, FL. In addition to assisting the lead teacher, I oversaw the art and P.E. programs within the classroom. Before starting a family and working at the Montessori school, I worked in the hospitality industry in Germany, England, Switzerland, and the USA. 

Last summer, a neighbor talked about her positive work experience at Virginia Chance School and how happy the students were to come to school every day. I applied for a substitute position and have since accepted the health clerk and technology specialist position.   

During my free time, I can be found at second-hand and thrift stores looking for unique items that can be repurposed, refurbished, or reused. I love hiking, reading, and crafting. Since moving to Louisville, I have also invested more time in my backyard in the hopes of finally being able to grow some food on my own this summer.