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Profile of a Chance Family

Chance families have high standards for their children and want them to have an all-encompassing education. And they are focused on an important long-term goal: developing strong, capable students who are also thinkers and problem-solvers.

While our families hold the value of education in common, their diverse experiences and backgrounds enrich the school. Typically, the school achieves at least 20 percent racial and ethnic diversity. Approximately 20 percent of elementary students receive need-based financial aid. The majority of students live in 10 zip codes within 10-20 minutes of the school, including Downtown, the Highlands, St. Matthews, Prospect, Crescent Hill but more than 25 zip codes are represented in the student population. The school welcomes families of all faiths and does not promote any one belief or practice.

Chance families appreciate the tremendous value of teaching to a child’s abilities and differences – not “teaching to the test”. For this reason, they’re comfortable with their child’s progression to mastery without strict letter grades. They understand the value – and may have seen the rarity – of a safe, welcoming place to learn. Chance parents believe that giving children a voice in what they are learning leads them to make discoveries for themselves – the most powerful form of learning. Chances families see education as an important investment in a child’s future and want to be involved and contribute to the life of the school.

Chance parents have a goofy side too- check out these pictures from a Parent Event.


Survey Results: How Chance Families Describe Our School

We asked for input from our Families in the 2016-17 School year through a survey because we value their opinions and want to partner with them. Typically we don’t share complete answers to a question with the entire school community but this year we make an exception because we want you to know how you and other parents describe our school.

We are so pleased to share these responses- Please Enjoy!

In the Classroom
At Chance, we understand that parents want to be partners with the school in the important job of educating their children. And there are many ways to do so!

In addition to providing nutritious snacks and chaperoning field trips, parents often contribute to learning. Your visit might be an informal one – just to observe your child at school. Or it may be a visit you have planned ahead with teachers to share a story, a hobby or profession, a collection – whatever is age-appropriate and meaningful. Families are asked to share family and cultural traditions to broaden students’ respect for the richness that differences bring to the world. On occasion, classes invite parents, grandparents and special friends for visits, presentations and performances to celebrate the year’s growth and development.

Equally important is the relationship that parents and teachers develop. It is in a child’s best interest that adults work together and channel their efforts productively, appropriately, and respectfully. Parents are encouraged to contact the school at any time and share questions or concerns.
In the School
Chance parents give of their time, talents and resources in ways that contribute greatly to the life of the school.

Parents’ Council
All Chance parents are automatically members of the Parents’ Council, which has many functions, from fundraising to family outreach. Volunteer activities may range from serving as chair of a committee to writing thank you notes at home. Parents’ Council is a great way to meet new friends and feel a part of the Chance community while supporting the school’s mission, programs, and activities. There are many fun ways to get involved. Consider your talents and interests. And volunteer!

Financial Support
In addition to making timely tuition payments, we rely on your financial generosity during Virginia Chance School’s two annual campaigns: Challenge for Chance and Auction. We strive for no less than 100% parent and faculty participation. It is through the contribution of each family that fundraising efforts “fill the gap,” as tuition does not cover the actual cost of educating a child at Chance. The revenue from these campaigns (along with other optional opportunities) and the generosity of many of our families and friends provides for the balance of operating expenses, enhances current programs, contributes to the socio-economic diversity of the school, and strengthens the organization for the future.

Parent Ed

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