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Virginia Chance School has only two annual fundraising events a year and contribution is expected from all members of the Chance community. For the last seven years, participation has been: 100 percent of Board of Trustees, 100 percent of faculty and staff, and 100 percent of Chance families. 
While tuition is Virginia Chance School’s primary source of revenue, it does not cover all the expenses. In fact, only 84 percent of annual expenses are covered by tuition. Fundraising “fills the gap” between what the school charges and what it actually costs to educate each child.

Virginia Chance School holds two major fundraising events each year: Our Challenge for Chance and the Virginia Chance School Auction. Our goal is 100 percent parent participation in both programs. The additional revenue provides for the balance of operating expenses, enhances current programs, contributes to the socioeconomic diversity of the school and strengthens the organization for the future.
  • Challenge for Chance: This is one of two annual fundraising programs. Early each year, each Chance parent receives a letter and pledge form with a specific suggested dollar request. We urge all to contribute as they consider appropriate.  The campaign begins annually on Parents’ Night and ends on October 31.
  • Annual Auction: The annual themed auction is a great evening of fun and friendship, with a dinner and the main event, and everyone is invited.  Our auction will be held this coming year on February 24, 2018.
  • Endowment:  The Endowment Fund, named in memory of “Miss Bettye”, long-time teacher and preschool consultant Bettye Worcester, was established in 2000 to ensure the financial health of the school. These funds are invested, and only the earnings are used to support general operations in future years. Because the principal remains intact, your gift, as a part of this fund, will continue giving to generations of children who will pass through these doors.
  • Financial Aid Fund:  Founded in 1997 in honor of a former Virginia Chance School parent, the Mary Maple Financial Aid Fund is used to assist families who qualify for financial aid. Her family established a memorial fund to honor her love and support of Virginia Chance School and to share the benefits of a Chance education by making it affordable for others.
  • Other Ways to Give: There are many ways to support the mission of Virginia Chance School. Virginia Chance School also accepts other types of gifts, including Gifts of Life Insurance, Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts, Matching Gifts, Estate and Planned Gifts, Bequests, and Gifts in Kind.  We are grateful to those who are so generous with us.
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If you have any questions about giving to Virginia Chance School, please contact Tami Fitzgerald, Development Director, at (502)-425-6904 or Thank you for your generosity!