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Rozie Simendinger

Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher 

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies with a concentration in child development and a minor in studio art from Eastern Kentucky University. From there, I became the lead teacher in Ohio, which allowed me to develop a strong teaching foundation. I discovered Virginia Chance School while relocating to Louisville. After learning more about their approach to learning, I knew I wanted to teach at Chance School.

I have a passion for art and the creative process and a love for nature. Both of which are essential components of the progressive program at Chance School. By having the freedom to explore the world around them safely, students develop confidence in themselves as lifelong learners, creativity, and inventiveness in their problem-solving skills and responsibility as members of a community. The vital role nature plays in the development of imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills is unsurpassed. Here at Chance, we see that, and we encourage time spent in nature. Each day is filled with time outdoors to observe, reflect, and interact with nature, which allows children to slow down and connect to themselves and the world around them. These skills and values will be carried with our Chance students throughout their lives as they make their mark on society. 

Chance students take ownership of their learning and wonders, which drives our studies throughout the year. By giving children control over their learning, we as adults can facilitate and model curiosity as we learn alongside the students discovering new things about the world around us. By learning and teaching with the students, teachers can model lifelong learning skills like communication, flexibility, and teamwork; foundational pillars of lifelong success.

This is my second year teaching at Chance School, and I am looking forward to working with families and students and my fellow educators. Outside of Chance, I love spending time with my family, kayaking, and going for walks. I also enjoy making pottery and gardening.