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Charlotte Sorensson

Pre-K Teacher

I am born and raised in Sweden. I earned my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education from University of Lund (Sweden) in 1995, and this will be my 25th year of teaching. In 2005, my family and I moved to Louisville. We saw the move as a wonderful opportunity to expose our family to a new country and culture and loved the city from the minute we arrived. As a teacher, I take pride in creating a warm, nurturing, and allowing classroom where students are loved, seen, and confident to play, explore and learn. I love to see the world through the students’ eyes and find it very rewarding to help them grow as capable and caring human beings.

This will be my first year of teaching at Virginia Chance School. After touring the gorgeous campus and learning about the philosophy and mission, I knew this was as close I could get to my Swedish teaching background. The similar beliefs in the whole child, love for the outdoors, and its learning advantages spoke to my heart. Like Chance School, preschools in Sweden are play-based with lots of hands-on activities to develop cognitive, social, and emotional learning. Allowing the students to play and be physically active has many advantages: developing problem-solving, empathy, creative thinking, and so much more. Swedes are always outside regardless of weather, and something I have really missed at other preschools I’ve been at since we moved here. I can’t wait to explore the outdoor campus along with the students! 

The School of Compassion projects and the focus on coming together at an early age to help and care for others are very appealing to me, and I know it will build a strong foundation for empathy and care in the students. They will learn even as young children that they can have a positive impact in the world. What an amazing experience to be part of.

I have 2 wonderful sons, Erik (22) and Gustav (20), and the center of our world is our little rescue dog, Rico. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and the outdoors. We love to travel and see new places, but our favorite place to visit, though, is when we get to visit family in Sweden.