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Jessica Hebert

Preschool Twos Teacher


I'm Jess, and I'm thrilled to work with the 2's! I graduated from South Park TAPP with child development and parenting award. I am currently working on obtaining my Child Development Associate Credential. My teaching journey began in 2016, working with two-year-olds at a preschool. As soon as I started, I knew working with children was the right choice for my life. Their playfulness, innocence, and eagerness to learn about the world around them have always inspired me. My goal as a teacher is to make my class's learning experience as rich, hands-on, inclusive, and safe. All children are different, including their learning styles, so it's important that my class feels confident in their abilities and constantly learns ways to grow as individuals and in groups with guidance. Children should also always be given choices to learn to make important decisions. At utmost importance is how adults and their classmates communicate with children; kindness and patience are taught primarily through mirroring adult behavior. Children must be listened to and always taken seriously.

I believe that Progressive Education is extremely powerful. I spent my school years in more traditional environments, so when I started at Chance, I was blown away at how thoughtful and conscious every educator and staff member is with their words. The dedication that everyone has a role in how children grow into responsible, compassionate, collaborative, and hard-working adults is extremely inspiring to me, and I feel so lucky to work and learn alongside many early education leaders.

Outdoor play is essential for children to develop the skills to problem-solve, assess risks, take turns, be creative, and so much more. We're fortunate to have many outdoor spaces to explore, such as the creek, pond, campgrounds, playgrounds, hiking trails, and forests. The greenhouse and chicken/rabbit coop invite children to study and appreciate living things. There are endless ways for children to learn when presented with such an enriching environment. It's important to connect children with nature to develop a love for the outdoors and everything in it, leading to our planet's future preservation and protection.

I've driven past Chance school multiple times and thought it was beautiful. I wanted to see more, and I was right, but there's so much more to it than beauty! Chance school constantly blows my mind in its approach to education and how people here interact with each other and the children. So far, my favorite thing about Chance is the frequent outdoor play and exploration.

Outside Chance school, my daughter and I spend a lot of time exploring creeks and looking for lake beaches nearby to play in the sand. We both love the outdoors, museums, zoos, aquariums, etc. Music is also a huge part of our lives. One goal is to bring these interests into the classroom as much as possible.