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Corinne Kamiya

Twos Preschool Teacher

I have a Master of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii. I started teaching preschool while living in New York after finishing graduate school, and it was immediately apparent that this was my calling. I’ve taught many ages, from two-year-olds to college students, but preschool is my absolute favorite!
 I discovered Virginia Chance School in 2014 when my husband Eric proposed that we consider moving from Hawaii (where I am from) to Louisville to be closer to his family. We visited Louisville to explore the idea of a move, and after touring the school for our two-year-old, I told my husband, “I would move to Kentucky for this school.” The philosophy and mission spoke to me as a teacher and parent. The culture of treating children with respect and dignity embodies who I want to be as a teacher and what I want for my daughter. We moved three months after that visit, and this fall will be the start of our seventh year at Chance. My daughter started in the twos and is now in the third grade, and she has thrived at Chance. She was an incredibly shy little girl, and she has become so confident, kind, and thoughtful. We love what the school has done for us as a whole family! 
I love so much about VCS, and one of my very favorite things is our amazing campus. The woods inspire so much wonder and imagination for children and teachers! I love all the questions that children ask, and it often leads me to learn something new alongside them. In my time outside of school, I love to sew dresses, bake bread, make art, take yoga classes, and play board games with my family.