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Kathy Kopp

Resource Teacher
I grew up in Louisville, graduated from The University of Louisville with a Masters Degree in Education with a specialty in Reading and before that, earned my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Louisville. All three of my children had the wonderful opportunity to attend Chance and I can truthfully say, where you start matters! My children thrived at Chance and kept the joy of learning with them for the rest of their school career. All three of my children still talk about the “good ol’ days” at Chance and tease me about maybe it’s time for me to retire! I have been here a long time. Chance made an impact on my children, our family and me. I love being able to pass that on to other families. 

My passion has always been working with children, especially the children who struggle to find themselves or need a little extra attention to help them get started. What a blessing to me that I can do that at Virginia Chance School! I taught Primary at VCS for over 30 years and loved that position. When I was asked to take the position as Resource Teacher three years ago, I couldn’t believe my luck. I had actually been mentally putting together a proposal for that very position but had not put it into writing. Imagine my delight when I was offered the job! This is my third year as the Resource Teacher and I love it! The best part of my day is seeing a smile on a child’s face who can read for the first time or who feels success at a task that once seemed overwhelming.

When I am not working at school, I love working in my yard, visiting my granddaughter, exploring the Parklands with my son on our walks, traveling and boating with my husband, cooking and spending time with my friends or just playing with my other best friend, Hannah, our nine year old German Shepherd.