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Eric Stevens

Science Specialist

I earned a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Louisville. It is my interest in nature and the untamed wild places of the Earth that have inspired me to be a science teacher. I believe students learn science by doing science, and that my classes are a medium through which my students will be investigators and collaborators, fully aware of their surroundings and their impact on the world around them.  Through a progressive approach to science learning, I immerse students in critical thinking and problem-solving activities, allowing for exploration and connection with nature throughout our campus and in the classroom. 
I was born in Iowa, grew up in southern Indiana, and have lived in Louisville for over 30 years. Along the way, I developed a love of the outdoors, gardening and teaching. I come from a family of teachers, and after teaching K/1 for 15 years at Virginia Chance School, I took on the role of Science Specialist for the school to follow my long and abiding interest in this area of study.