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Heather Flaherty

Primary 2/3 Teacher

I hold a Master's degree in Elementary Education and Rank 1 in Learning and Behavior Disorders from Bellarmine University. I taught elementary at another local independent school for twelve years before finding my home here at Chance. Before entering the teaching field, I worked as an art therapist. I have a Master of Arts in Expressive Therapy and worked primarily in the hospital setting with children and adults. I have always enjoyed the arts, and I love to find ways to incorporate my creative skills into our learning.

One of the reasons that I love being at Chance is that I have the flexibility to use my creative skills to make learning meaningful. Our classroom is a safe environment where children are encouraged to build, explore, and get messy. Creativity is welcomed, and we celebrate process over product. If our class discussion leads to new questions about a topic, we take the time to explore them. We have a fantastic team of specialists that love to collaborate and offer opportunities for students to dig deeper into our unit of study. Children are more invested in their learning when they help direct it, and I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by educators and school leaders that truly understand the importance of giving children a voice. 

The whole child approach to teaching is fundamental to me, and this approach is apparent every day at Chance. All grades use Stephen Glenn's Developing Capable Young People to teach students resilience and self-sufficiency. We provide direct instruction on social/emotional topics such as empathy, growth mindset, and grit.  We teach compassion for other people, animals, and our environment through our school-wide School of Compassion projects. Our sprawling campus provides outdoor learning spaces and many opportunities to connect with the world around us.

I value being a part of a school community that encourages discovery, child-directed activities, social/emotional development, and environmental learning. When I am not busy teaching or crafting, I enjoy spending time with my family. My teenage son, Christian, keeps me busy with athletic activities. We share our home with two cats, Shelby and Josie. I love to garden, do puzzles of all kinds, and travel as much as I can!