Olivia Nalley

Director of Marketing and Communication

I have a BFA in Advertising Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. As a Virginia Chance School alumna, I am thrilled to come back to such a unique community of thought leaders and dedicated parents. The captivating experience that Chance provided me is why I have held it close to my heart and envisioned coming back in this capacity for many years.

I come to Virginia Chance School having a foundation in advertising photography, along with in-depth and varied marketing experience, giving me a unique perspective that helps enhance the Virginia Chance School brand. My initial background included market research, developing advertising initiatives for downtown Louisville, and selling downtown Louisville residential developments.

More recently, I spent over six years at Greater Louisville Inc., where I designed marketing plans and campaigns, developed new brands and crafted psychographic approaches to selling. I also managed large communications projects such as website launches, annual reports, and social campaigns. For the last two years, before I started at Chance, I was at Atria Senior Living in their corporate office where I supervised a 40-person marketing team; the majority of the projects focused on web-based conversion techniques that I also utilize in this role.

I bring these keen insights and experiences to Virginia Chance School, fully aware that your perspective is essential in developing effective marketing and communication pathways. I welcome you to connect with me on your thoughts. I love being at Virginia Chance School and thankful to be given the opportunity to work on your behalf over the last 4 years to make the school even stronger.
At home, I spend my time with my husband Joe and our son Bastijn- a Chance First Grader. We love to bike around downtown, Rollerskate at Champs and hike at Bernheim Forest; you might spot us from time to time! As of late, I have found a new passion as a budding arborist and reforester in my own lawn. I have refined my skills as a tree treatment injector to restore and save what we have and an urban reforester to plant new and interesting trees that I fancy. It's a challenging but rewarding maintenance and beautification project that I look forward to enjoying the benefits of for years to come. When I have a few quiet moments to myself, I sew felt applique kits I find from the 1940-1970s because the vintage themes and illustrations are lovely and bedazzled with sequins by hand; it's a labor of love.