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Week 1: Introduction to Positive Discipline - Significant 7 Parents will walk away with concepts that they can immediately apply in their homes. The course includes information regarding how to talk and listen to your child, developmental stages, the parent's role in supporting those stages, specific unique ways of communicating, how to help your child learn to be responsible, how to use positive discipline and how to help your child develop into a capable person.
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  • 18:22 Meet Betsy Fitch, Ed.D Head of School

    Welcome Dr. Betsy Fitch as our Head of School at Virginia Chance School, effective June 7, 2021. Betsy will succeed Interim Head Stephanie Mutchnick, who will continue her current role through the end of the school year.

    Betsy has already immersed herself in Virginia Chance School, meeting with Teachers, Directors, and Staff, observing and planning for a great year ahead.

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    We welcome our newest parents to an exciting year at Virginia Chance School!
    So that we may help with your transition, please watch this recorded Parent Orientation. You will learn the specifics and how-tos that every parent needs!

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