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Class Ambassadors

Classroom Ambassador: Coordinate community-building opportunities in your child's class, welcome new families to the program that are new to your child's class this year, champion our fundraising and other school events, support teachers as needed, and organize teacher appreciation week events. You're invited to attend ambassador meetings led by Olivia Nalley, Director of Marketing & Communication. These meetings offer an opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and ask any questions that come up in a safe and supportive space.
Our first meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 5th, at 12 noon under the big tent in the field. This meeting will cover important topics such as upcoming fundraising events, volunteer opportunities, and logistics for how to get involved in the classroom. We encourage all volunteers to attend and participate in the discussion.

Because we know getting away from the office can be tough, especially after a Holiday weekend, joining us by google meet is an option too! Virtual Link:

Chance Champions

Give for Good Louisville 9/14/23 
  1. Several times throughout the day, share your fundraiser profile and story on all of your social media accounts. 
  2. Email or text your fundraiser profile and story to family and friends.
  3. Post Give for Good Celebration 9/15/23
  4. Join us in Room 12 at 2pm for a post-GFG celebration and thank you note writing “party”
Example Language:

Why does this organization matter to me?

Virginia Chance School is a magical place.  From the moment I walked up the familiar stone steps and went on a tour with Jamie Paradis, I fell in love with this place, its people, and its mission. My own children and my students are being taught to be problem solvers, thinkers, stewards, advocates, doers, and so much more. They have a chance to be children. Their interests guide our studies. We are outside playing, exploring, and learning every single day. They are accepted, included, respected, and celebrated. My wish is that ALL children, despite their socioeconomic status, could have access to this progressive education. 

Would you be willing to donate to our school? Even $10 would help!  All donations collected today will go directly towards tuition assistance that will afford children the opportunity to experience VCS.

Additional helpful language is here: