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Parent Communication

Chance School seeks to have a partnership with parents and open communication between school and parents is desired. Here is how Chance School communicates with our families.


Class Ambassadors: from a classroom parent email: for group gatherings/playdates, call for volunteers, and personal pushes for attendance for school events.

Teachers: Weekly Newsletters: In-classroom learning from the week.

Office: E-News: School-wide events, Sports & Enrichment Sign Ups. Mostly call-to-action items.

Dr. Betsy Fitch's door is always open. She welcomes emails, phone calls and meetings as needed.

The Website for Chance Parents:  Use Campus Life button to access must-know information and also school records/ directories through the FACTS portal.

The School Calendar:  Download the school calendar to your phone's calendar in a snap! Click the “Subscribe” button on the website calendar page, then click “add” when you see the listing of events. This will autoload items on your phone calendar. Setting alerts will have to be done on an event by event selection that you do by going into the calendar event that you would like a pre-notification.

Directories: On the Campus Life site use the Student Information System tab/ link to login to navigate to the Directory tab on the left navigation side.  Directory Tab, there will be a toggle tab to filter by Grade Level (All Grades) or just hop to your child's assigned classroom in the toggle tab named classroom group (All Classes), and you will see your child's classmate's family information to connect and form friendships (Parents too!).

Instagram: School News and visual insights into daily VCS happenings.

Special Packets: Time-sensitive material sent home with your child requiring your prompt attention. 

SMS Text for School Closings or Announcements: Your phone numbers from the Back to School Forms are added to the texting system so you will be notified when school closes, in an emergency, etc. 

Carpool Signs: Located at the top, bottom of the hill and in the field, the signs contain pertinent event dates and reminders.

Parent Education:  Learn more about early childhood development, positive discipline, progressive education. Engage School-Wide Events and Parent Education Sessions, see the school’s calendar for the schedule.



You are always able to reach us directly by clicking on our Bios to email us or call the office anytime. Teachers have planning time each day, so please email to schedule a time to talk when you need to; we've built in time for you!