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Financial Aid Fund Giving

What makes Virginia Chance School special?

Virginia Chance School is an independent school focused on progressive education in Louisville, KY for children from age 2 through fifth grade.  As a private school in Louisville, Virginia Chance School is considered the best and the only fully dedicated early childhood education program (encompassing all of childhood up to age 11yrs) in Louisville. Chance School takes influences from Montessori, Forest School, Reggio philosophy, Project-Based Learning, Multi-Age Classroom, and Gifted and Talented Education to develop our Progressive School curriculum that stands out as best in class and is recognized nationally for its innovative program.
Virginia Chance School offers a hands-on, collaborative environment focused on building self-motivation, growth mindset, and critical thinking with integrated outdoor learning for all students. Chance School provides two lead teachers in every classroom that guide children through a dynamic and challenging progressive education program for Elementary and Preschool age children. Inside our bright, busy classrooms and outside in our magical wooded campus, students learn through hands-on discovery and master group project work. It’s an ideal place for children to develop a lifelong love of learning and connections.
A Captivating Childhood Education Awaits.

Why Give For Good?

We are asking for donations to the financial aid fund for Virginia Chance School. Families that come to us for their children find great value in the Virginia Chance School educational experience by the unique way we foster lifelong learners and develop charisma. For most families, investing in an independent school education requires careful financial planning, but for some, planning isn't enough to make Chance a reality for their child.

Virginia Chance School offers tuition assistance at the elementary level. We want to ensure that a Virginia Chance School Elementary education is accessible to students from all backgrounds, regardless of their financial resources. Having children attend from all socioeconomic backgrounds helps support an environment where children learn best, in the company of others who challenge their assumptions and offer different perspectives.

A Virginia Chance School education is valuable and sought after. We desire to help provide that education to children who are accepted into Virginia Chance School and can demonstrate the need for financial assistance. Any Chance family unable to attend for economic reasons is encouraged to apply. They are applying to receive the funds you will donate here and our future students, and we appreciate your commitment to excellence in education for all students.